The posters read:

“How can a girl rape a boy?”

- Nearly everyone I tried to tell for the first four years after it happened.

“Man up.”

- My then-fiance in response to the panic attack I was having, caused by seeing my rapist for the first time since the incident had occurred eight years previous.

Because it is a shitty thing to forget that rape occurs, regardless of gender.

This breaks my heart.

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Not your talents. Not your physical features. Not your background.

No, the most important thing that makes you radically different here in this world, that sets you apart from all the others, even Christians, is the kind of relationship you have with Christ. Yes, Jesus is your Savior. Jesus is your Teacher. Jesus is your Lover. However, there are times when all these titles we give Him just become mere head knowledge, instead of heartfelt revelations that make us want to fall more in love with Him and be more intimate with Him.

This revelation is what kept me going in the ministry. Yes, in our church, I have a lot of friends who experience miracles and tell testimonies of how faithful God is and I am blessed. Sometimes, though, I can’t help but think about why I don’t experience more stuff like that, or I can’t be MORE active in the ministry, or why I become an introvert sometimes and just keep quiet. All the comparisons I made only made me sad, and made me underestimate the love of my Father.

However, God made me see sense. He told me, “Each one of you, my children, has a different journey. I have different plans for each one of you. No one will get left behind.” 

All of us are different, yes. However, we are all headed in the same glorious destiny: TO HEAVEN. God sees us all the same. God treats us all the same. God loves us all the same. We may have different lives, different conditions, different circumstances, but there are things that are true to all of us: Christ died for all of us, we are all loved, and yes, we were saved for God’s glory.

I don’t care about what you may think of yourself right now. I don’t care about how impossible and pathetic you think are the things you’re going through. I just want you to know that when God looks at you, He sees you the way He sees Christ. He will use you for His glory because He loves and trusts you.

Maybe you can sing. You can dance. You can write. You can speak fluently. They are all gifts from God, yes, but see, we may all have different journeys, but we have the same loving, and strong Jesus. He may all love us the same, but we become different by the kind of relationship we have with Him. Who is He to you? You have to focus on your connection with Him, His love for you, and your position in Christ more than anything else.


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